KD-Con Video Multiplexer

The KD-Con™ Video Mux fibre system consists of two rack mountable units that fit the KD-Con™ subsea pod and topside rack. It is an Analogue & Digital Video and serial communications system.

The Video Multiplexer has 8 channels of Pal/NTSC video, 4 channels of High definition Video and 36 bidirectional TTL lines. Backplane design together with all fibre units terminated to a single front plate LC fibre connector, enables easy system swap. Units comes with complete fibre diagnostics, and function as the main fibre diagnostic node for the other KD-ConTM upper card fibre modules.


  • 8 ch NTSC or PAL, 6MHz. 10 bit
  • 4ch HD-SDI, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-259M (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1.485Gbps/3Gbps) (Option)
  • Serial lines, 36 bidirectional x 115kbps, TTL 3V3
  • Latency < 20μS
  • Fibre optic diagnostic: I2C bus between LINK cards. 2 x Serial Diagnostic outputs topside
  • Simplex SM 9/125 LC Fibre Connector
  • Voltage: 6 – 12 V
  • Power consumption: 530-1100mA@12V
  • 8ch CWDM, 1470 to 1610nM
  • Fibre Transmit output power: 0 to +5dBm (Front LC Con: 0dBm typical)
  • Fibre Receiver sensitivity: -28 to -9dBm (Front LC Con: -26 to -7dBm typical)
  • AV Card Cooling Fan
  • Size: 3U, 21HP

Analogue / Digital Video & Serial Communications System