KD-Con Video Card

The card is designed to provide KD-Con™ with fully isolated composite video input channels. One of the key features of the card is switchable camera power through relays along with fully isolated focus & zoom control. This design makes it easy for the operator to isolate and locate ground failures on any camera.


  • Composite PAL video inputs with built in transient protection – optically isolated
  • Standard RS485 communication interface supporting KD-Ibus protocol
  • Provides switchable camera power, focus & zoom control through serial interface
  • Each channel can be completely switched off and isolated – this helps locating cameras with ground faults
  • Normally closed relays ensure fail safe operation – camera power and signal are default ON
  • Diagnostics available through LED indicators on front panel and by remote serial control
  • Quick and easy replaceable fuses
  • Reliable, well proven sync detection of active composite video signal
  • Switchable camera power supply outputs are 24Vdc, 1A nominal
  • The card´s node address

Quad channel fully isolated video input card with focus & zoom control