Electronics and CoNTROL Systems

Kysdesign design and produce electronics and control systems for subsea use. Our experienced engineers ensures reliable and safe systems for operation of your subsea tools and equipment.

Over the years we have made many tailor made solutions, cards and sensors. To provide customers with control systems we use a combination of in-house products and off the shelf products from the industry. If we need to invent or modify components/parts to achieve the best optimal solution, our engineers can design and produce the needed part.

Our skilled engineers are designing analog and digital electronics, using micro controllers and FPGAs. Micro controllers are programmed using C or assembly language. Boot loaders can also be implemented to make products field upgradeable.

As a National Instruments Alliance Partner we are used to delivering HMI, Human Machine Interface, and control systems with intuitive user interface using LabView. Members of their alliance program, have access to all of their development tools and support system. For more information about National Instruments, visit ni.com/Norway.

National Instruments Alliance Partner

Kystdesign use the “hands on” experience and knowledge from the subsea market to give you as a customer the most optimal solution in electronic products and systems solving.