Hydraulic Compensators

KYSTDESIGN offer a wide range of compensators for the subsea market. Our in-house designed hydraulic compensators vary in volume from 0.25 litre to 70 litre.

Compensator 0-25LCompensator 0-5LCompensator 1-2L senserAD86-1000M01_without_sensor_02_redCompensator 6L sensorCompensator 10L sensorCompensator 16L sensor version 2

  • The 0.25 – 1.2 litre compensators all provide an interface which allows easy installation and stacking. These units, as well as the 2.5 and 6 litre are made from POM.
  • Anodized aluminium is used for the 10 and 16 litre units and the 2.5 litre high pressure compensator.
  • The 1.2, 2.5, 6.0, 10 and 16 litre units can be delivered with analogue volume sensor. Even without volume sensor, the oil level can be visually read at a slot in the spring housing of all Kystdesign compensators (except for the 2.5 litre H.P.).
  • The 6.0 – 16 litre compensators have transparent polycarbonate lids, enabling visual inspection of the fluid.
  • All compensators can be delivered with installation clamps.
  • The 16 litre compensator can be delivered with a top manifold plate replacing the transparent lid. The manifold plate has universal interface for view ports and a wide range of standard connection ports, from 1-1/4″ BSP connection ports to 2″ hose bend.
Compensator Manifold Plate

                                      Compensators with Manifold Plate

70 Liter Triple Bellow Compensator