Electrical Pan & Tilt Units

Kystdesign has over many years delivered rugged Pan & Tilt Units for continuous hard use on Work Class ROVs.

We have a wide range of standard products available for you:

  • Single or dual axis units
  • High torque – heavy payloads can be added
  • Rugged mounting holes for unit and added equipment
  • No rotating connector at unit
  • Designed for use down to 6000 m (20 000 ft)
  • Angular limits : ±175 deg (for both axis)
  • Equipped with absolute position sensors
  • Standard accuracy ±0.1 deg, also available with ±0.01 deg on request
  • Communication interfaces: RS-232, RS-485 (2 wire) or 100 Mb Ethernet
  • Connector: Customer selectable (Seacon as standard)
  • 24 to 48 VDC input voltage range

Output torque performance of our products

Every motor driven unit has a torque-speed curve which is falling at higher speed.

Only to define the holding torque is not enough; the maximum output torque is always at zero speed!
You are probably interested how fast you can move the attached equipment?

We defined the output torque for our products at different speeds as shown in the graph below.
To run the unit at higher voltages is important when you need higher output power.

The units must be connected to external compensator or delivered with internal compensator.

See our range of external compensators here: https://kystdesign.no/hydraulics/compensators/

OEM versions on request.

See data sheets for further details or contact Kystdesign.

P&T ordering form can be found in the download centre.