KD-Con Serial Card

The KD-Con serial card is designed to provide the KD-Con with fully protected and isolated data comms that can be remotely switched off and monitored. Its flexible piggyback design allows each channel to be individually configured to be RS232, RS485, TTL etc. Our standard KD-Con design has three serial cards giving 36 serial channels total.


  • One serial card supports up to 12 bidirectional (TX/RX) signal data channels
  • RS485 comms interface supporting KD-Con IBUS protocol
  • Diagnostics through front panel LED indicators and by remote serial control (IBUS)
  • The card´s node address and options can be set through the backplane connector
  • Channels can be fully switched off (isolated) through remote serial control (IBUS)
  • Each bidirectional channel is fully configurable by replaceable piggyback module
  • Several kinds of piggybacks available: RS232 / RS485 / TTL / Trigger etc.
  • Piggybacks are fully isolated: RS232 / RS485 transceivers: 2500VRMS
  • Custom designed piggybacks available upon request
  • LED indicators for Power and TX/RX serial data
  • Serial terminals are paralleled on to the backplane connector enabling alternative signal routing

12 channel controllable serial board with isolated inputs / outputs