KD-Con Relay Card

The KD-Con relay card is designed to provide power switching ability for the KD Con system. Relay operations are easy to configure (normally closed or normally open). Fuses are quick and easy to replace. Another key feature is the ability to segment each of the power supplies into smaller entities. This will allow the operator to switch off smaller parts of the power supply system and thereby isolate and locate systems ground failures more easily.


  • 14 dual pole power relay outputs
    • Rated AC load: 8A at 250VAC
    • Rated DC load: 8A at 30VDC
  • 2 relay driver outputs – for controlling external relays
    • Driver outputs: Low Side: 12Vdc, 1A
  • Standard RS485 communications interface supporting KD-Con IBUS protocol
  • Diagnostics through front panel LED indicators and by remote serial control (IBUS)
  • Designed for easy decection and isolation of system ground failures
  • Relay switches are easy to configure – normally closed or normally open
  • Quick and easy replaceable fuses
  • Switching capability for up to 7 different power supplies
  • The card’s node address set through backplane connector

Control, power switching and segmentation