The KD-Con™ signal HUB, 1U 19” unit is designed to distribute protected and isolated serial & TTL (PPS) signals.
Its flexible piggyback design allows each port to be individually configured to be RS232, RS485 or TTL.
Typical applications are serial sensor distribution, PPS fan out, signal conversion & serial hub (master/slaves). The HUB can extend TTL/PPS pulse widt (dip-switch setting).


  • One HUB support up to 5 banks of 1:5 bidirectional RJ45 ports
  • All ports have TX & RX signal lines (RS485 + & -)
  • Compatible with KD-CON™ fiber telemetry system
  • Diagnostics / traffic monitoring through front panel LED indicators
  • Each bidirectional port is fully configurable by replaceable piggyback modules
  • Piggybacks available: RS232 / RS485 / TTL / user defined
  • Piggybacks are fully isolated: 2500vrms
  • Piggybacks can be mixed enabling signal conversion
  • <300nSec latency, >250kbps comms speed
  • 1U, 19”, 23cm
  • Configurable TTL signal pulse widt extension; +10-600mSec.(PPS)
  • Can be used as a fully isolated master / slaves serial hub with mixed type of serial signals
  • Integrated mains supply, 90~264 Vac / 3.3 Vdc, 20W


1U HUB with 5 banks of 1:5 bidirectional, fully protected & isolated I/0 ports