Solenoid Driver Card

This product are replaced by a new more compact model, but it is still available and may be used for small stand alone systems.

Working as the backbone of our ROV system valve packs, the Kystdesign designed valve driver card has proven over time to extremely reliable. It can run 21 proportional valves and read 8 analog sensors.


  • 24V operation
  • 21 x PWM outputs
  • 10 x 0-10V outputs
  • 16 x Analog inputs (4-20mA / 0-10V)
  • 16 x analog sensor supplies
  • RS232 / 485 and Ethernet comms
  • Addressable
  • All outputs are short circuit protected
  • Extention card available
  • Pressure tolerant to 3000 msw
  • Size 9 x 25 cm

The card is based upon years of experience and is made to withstand harsh environment.