Kystdesign delivers a wide range of products for various industries as oil & gas, survey, fish farming, ocean research, search/rescue and navy. Our strength is multidisciplinary knowledge of technical issues at every level, from system level down to component level, from definition and design to prototyping and qualification. Our in-house multi-discipline engineering team, with specialists in mechanical design, hydraulic systems, electronics and software development combined with extensive offshore experience ensure products fit for operational challenges. Our capability includes turn-key deliveries of complex systems as work class ROV’s and ROT’s. Kystdesign has modern premises at Aksdal, 15km east of Haugesund, half way between Stavanger and Bergen. The premises includes offices, workshops, course / training facilities, canteen and the largest test pool in Northern Europe. 

ESG steps

We have implemented the steps of the due diligence process in the Transparency act.

Step one

Our Human Rights Policy is approved by the Board of Directors and implemented applicable for all areas of business including suppliers and any person associated with Kystdesign.

Human Rights Policy:

  • Kystdesign has an extremely high regard for human rights and freedoms and has put in place systems and processes that guard these freedoms against abuse of any kind, including (but not limited to) slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour, child labour and human trafficking. These systems and processes form Kystdesign fundamental human resources principles and are driven by Kystdesign code of conduct and ethics.
  • Kystdesign is committed to complying with the human rights laws and regulations of the countries with jurisdiction over Kystdesign business and its directors, officers, employees (staff, contract and temporary) and any other person who performs services for or on behalf of Kystdesign (including intra group services such as HR and IT, Third Party Representatives, and suppliers) (collectively, “Associated Persons”).
  • Violations of the Human Rights Laws could result in significant criminal and civil liability for Kystdesign and any of its Associated Persons who commit such violations including imprisonment, criminal fines, civil penalties or asset forfeiture. Any Associated Person of Kystdesign who knowingly fosters illegal conduct, ignores suspicious circumstances or fails to comply with Human Rights Laws or this Policy and related procedures will, in the case of officers or employees of Kystdesign, be subject to disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment and, in the case of third parties performing services for or on behalf of Kystdesign, be subject to contractual penalties including possible termination of their engagement.

The policy complements and applies in addition to other policies, procedures and general instructions. In particular our QHSE & CSR Policy:

QHSE & CSR Policy

  • Kystdesign maintains a stable reputation for delivering stable products and custom-made innovative solutions and the best ROV’s in the world. We keep our services flexible by having products in stock available on demand for our clients.
  • We achieve a stable performance through working in accordance with ISO 9001 and continuous development of improvement processes and keeping customer requirements in focus.
  • Our goal to work in accordance with ISO 14001 allows us to rise to a higher level of focus on our environment performance.
  • HSE is integrated in our processes and fully revised through safety inspections and internal audits.
  • We are committed to comply with requirements both internal and statutory, and our interested parties assessment is keeping us updated on our stakeholders and on top of risks and opportunities.

Kystdesign has zero tolerance to bribery and corruption and comply with relevant domestic and international laws. We are also committed to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and applicable labour standards.

Step two

We have identified our supply chain as the area with highest potential of adverse impacts and started focusing on our suppliers. We assess our suppliers based on RBC (Responsible Business Conduct) risks in accordance with the Transparency Act.

Step three

If we discover any elevated risk probability of RBC risk within our supply chain, we will evaluate the possibility to influence our supplier in a positive manner, eliminate the supplier or implement additional measures to control the supplier. If we discover any breaches, we will evaluate the need to file a police report.

Step four

We will monitor the implementation of actions and follow-up.

Step five

Communicate the result of the evaluations, actions and follow-up. For any questions related to our ESG work, please contact us through the form on the right side or send an email to Normally questions will be answered within 3 weeks.

Our summary of the last 12 months, from July 2023 to June 2024, can be read here: Transparency Act account.

Step six

If we realise that Kystdesign has caused or contributed to actual adverse impacts we will take actions to correct and mitigate as good as possible.