Constructor Work Class ROV

Uniquely designed for carrying and operating large tools and modules.

Product overview


The CONSTRUCTOR technology is refined from years of operational and “hands-on” experience by our designers. The top-side control system for KYSTDESIGN ROV’s is designed with focus on providing an ergonomic, intuitive and efficient working environment. Single or dual operation stations can easily be configured to individual needs. Operator task priorities can be switched and shared between stations during operation. The CONSTRUCTOR can accommodate up to 25 additional hydraulic tooling functions, up to 21 additional survey sensors and 8 camera connectors. All hydraulic functions are proportionally controlled, and all electrical power supplies are ground fault monitored. The ROV control system offers a variety of auto-functions like AutoPOS and AutoTRACK capabilities.

Free space inside ROV for utility equipment: Open space of approx. 460 L through the entire ROV, right in front of centre of gravity.