Rugged with precision and power!

We are pleased to announce a significant achievement: our subsea Pan & Tilt units have been certified for full ocean depth operation.

Our team recently had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of DeepSea Power & Light in San Diego. During this visit, we were immersed in an environment of innovation and collaboration. Our Pan & Tilt units have now been certified for operation at the deepest known points of the ocean, reaching depths of up to 11 kilometers. This is an accomplishment that we take great pride in.

This achievement was made possible due to the exceptional pressure testing services provided by DeepSea Power & Light. Pressure testing is a critical process that verifies the mechanical and electrical integrity of equipment under extreme conditions. It involves subjecting the equipment to pressures far greater than it would experience during normal operation, ensuring its reliability and performance under the most challenging circumstances.

To provide some context, this certification signifies that our equipment can withstand pressures approximately 1100 times greater than the atmospheric pressure at sea level. This is equivalent to a weight of 1100kg pressing down on every square centimetre of the Pan & Tilt unit’s surface.

This remarkable capability ensures the reliability and performance of our equipment, even in the most extreme underwater environments. This includes the daunting depths of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans, reaching a depth of nearly 11 kilometres.
We are hoping to see our Pan & Tilt units in action in the Mariana Trench. This certification opens up new frontiers for exploration and discovery, enabling our customers to probe the mysteries of the deep sea and beyond.

Here’s to further innovation, success, and exploration.

Our range of pan & tilt units and more information can be found here.