Exciting collaboration with BotBlox

We're thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration with BotBlox on their most powerful and rugged networking appliance yet, UbiSwitch. As BotBlox' authorized distributor and partner, we can offer unrivaled support for using UbiSwitch in deep-sea environments, as well as other high-pressure applications. Read more about the partnership and collaboration here: https://botblox.io/blog/-botblox-partnering-with-kystdesign-for-deepsea-applications/  


KYSTDESIGN delivers a wide range of products for various industries as oil & gas, survey, fish farming, ocean research, search/rescue and navy. Our capability includes turn-key deliveries of complex systems as work class ROV’s and ROT’s. KYSTDESIGN holds a wide range of products and spares in stock to offer our customers the best service when needed.