Meet one of our highly-skilled Engineers!


Tore Kallevik, who has been a cornerstone of Kystdesign since 2008. His journey with the company has been a story of continuous growth and innovation. With an eye for detail and a passion for electronics, Tore has helped shape the company’s success through varied and challenging tasks.

From the early days of traditional hydraulic systems to the modern era of advanced electronics, Tore has been a driver of change and development. As a key figure in electronics development, he has been responsible for selecting the best solutions and designing high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


One of Tore’s proudest moments was the development of the Zeerov, Kystdesign’s electric ROV that represents a new era in sustainable underwater technology. This project, which took several years to complete, is testimony to Tore’s commitment and expertise in the field.


Although Tore’s field of expertise lies in electronic engineering, he highlights the importance of cross-disciplinary teamwork. He explains that while he and Ståle may be considered the “veterans” in a team of six, they acknowledge that their achievements would have been unattainable without the input of the four young talents who assisted in bringing the electronic thruster to realisation. The cooperation between engineers and technicians is seamless, with both groups actively participating in knowledge exchange.


With Tore Kallevik’s continued impact shaping the trajectory of Kystdesign, his commitment to excellence fuels a passion for innova

tion in future generations. We’re thankful for Tore Kallevik’s invaluable contributions and eagerly look forward to what lies ahead for Tore and Kystdesign.