Meet Dani


Introducing Dani, one of our talented mechanical engineers who joined Kystdesign in November 2023. As we experience rapid growth, Dani thrives on the challenges and opportunities this brings. Dani emphasizes the importance of working quickly and efficiently in a busy environment and he receives strong support from his skilled colleagues. 🤝

With a background as a CNC operator and experience in technical drawing, Dani has found his niche at Kystdesign. One of the projects he is particularly proud to be a part of is the Constructor Compact ROV, where he is responsible for calculating and simulating the frames, as well as ensuring they withstand the forces they are subjected to. Seeing the project’s development has been a rewarding experience. He has also enjoyed watching the progress in the Zeerov project, he finds it inspiring to see the development as the project reaches its milestones.


Dani believes that what sets Kystdesign apart from other companies is our cutting-edge technology and our efficient, in-house processes. While we do rely on key suppliers for specialized expertise and capacity, our ability to swiftly move from idea to finished product is supported by our efficient internal operations and the expertise of long-standing employees who have been with us from the start.


One of the main reasons Dani enjoys working at Kystdesign is the fantastic work environment. He finds it inclusive and supportive, making every day something to look forward to.


Dani’s work has been highly valued, and we look forward to seeing his continued impact on our success! 🎯