Exploring Ocean Depths from Land: A Remote Operation Challenge

Our client posed an intriguing challenge: explore the ocean’s depths without leaving the safety of land. Remote operations emerged as a strategic solution, aiming to reduce risk, emissions, and enhance efficiency. At Remota’s ROC (Remote Operating Center) on Killingøy in Haugesund, all Kystdesign-produced ROVs can now be remotely operated, including the first Installer delivered to DeepOcean in 2002.


Remota is a joint venture between Johannes Østensjø DY (parent company of Østensjø Rederi), Solstad Offshore and DeepOcean. The company offers remote operations and semi-autonomous maritime services to the offshore and marine industries, using Remote Operating Centers.


Our remote journey began with our first remote project in 2017. Successfully completing a trial run at Killingøy, situated in the southwest part of Norway, we connected the remote trial to Edda Freya using Constructor 5 and Constructor 6 ROVs. Edda Freya was positioned in Sandnessjøen, in the northern part of Norway.


Today, multiple clients are planning to remotely operate Kystdesign-produced ROVs. Our advanced technology for remote operations stands as a testament to excellent quality and will play a crucial role in future ROV operations. Remota started with daily operations in March 2023, and completed 200 days remote operation during 2023. For 2024 their goal is 500 days remote operations.


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